Sustainability is the No 1 Priority for all industries.

Replacing single use packaging with Multitank, is an easy and safe way to achieve the Sustainability Goals of each company.

The new regulation for the Environment changes the rules of cost analysis, for all kind of industries, adding a serious parameter in the New economy Taxes for CO2 emissions.

Industries in various sectors will be required to reduce their waste and CO2 emissions by 2030.

There is an urgent need for all businesses in various sectors to either adapt by implementing technologies and changes or face fines and over-taxation.

Multitank offers a Reduction Emissions Certificate, proving the incredible difference by using a Reusable packaging.

Everyone has to prove their commitment to Sustainability,
for a well balanced world!

CO2 emissions

Amount of CO2 (in kg) per 100lt capacity.

Plastic Drum

IBC: 14kg CO2   /   Plastic Drum: 11kg CO2   /   Multitank: 2kg CO2