Multitank & Tex Polimer Eco Collaboration

Collaboration with Tex Polimer Eco is essential not only for expanding our distribution network, but also for aiming to make the world a better place.
7 days ago

Multitank All Around the World

Multitank is used by people all around the world.Eugenie Arias works in the cucumber industry, and for this year’s crop, the prior barrels were replaced with Multitank. Location: Piedras Negras, Mexico.
3 weeks ago

Multitank sets a mark in Russia

London, United Kingdom, October 07, 2021.Multitank sets a mark in Russia. Multitank, an innovator in reusable bulk packaging and logistics solutions, announced today the collaboration with Tex Polimer, an internationally acknowledged Group in production of Injection Molding products.The collaboration with Tex Polimer Eco acquired Multitank to set a representation and production line in Russia. With TexPolimerEco, we walk side...

PackExpo Las Vegas 2021

We look forward to seeing you at Pack Expo Las Vegas in Booth #8001, to talk about the industry’s most pressing sustainability issues. Following an extensive research program, we developed a new sustainable, safe, and cost-effective solution for transporting bulk products. Mutlitank is here to meet the needs of the industry by providing innovative and...
2 months ago

Multitank Applications for storing and transporting Hazardous Goods

Multitank presents the latest Version VS.05 which is UN Certified, for storing and transporting Packaging Group III. It is a Sustainable Solution for Dangerous products ensuring safe handling and extra care. It is liquid-tight without the use of a bag, with three different lids and an optional gas relief valve. One 2’’ up drained hole...
2 months ago

Multitank Version VS.05 for Hazardous Goods

Starting in 2009, we have fulfilled an extensive research program, cooperating with companies in different sectors all over the world, in order to develop a new sustainable, safe and cost efficient solution for carrying products in bulk. We are proud to announce that Multitank has recently been accredited with the world’s most recognized safety packaging standard, UN Certificate....
2 months ago