Enhance the bulk packaging experience with Multitank’s curated range of accessories. In our quest for sustainable perfection, every detail matters. Our accessories, meticulously designed for compatibility and efficiency with Multitank, play a crucial role in optimizing its performance. Whether it’s ensuring seamless integration, storage capabilities, or extending product life, our eco-friendly accessories elevate every facet of reusable bulk packaging. Dive into a world where accessories don’t just complement but revolutionize sustainable packaging solutions. Multitank

Multitank Accessories

Multitank on Racks



Rack (RCK-400) supports Multitanks in industrial Racks.
Racks are crosspieces designed to facilitate the storage of Multitank. Their robust and reliable construction allows efficient organisation, maximising the use of available warehouse space.

Separator Net Duo Bag


Separator Net Duo Bag

Separator Net Duo Bag (SN-DB-400) offers duo exploitation of Multitank with two bags in the same container.

Key Benefits: Compatibility with 220L plastic drum bags & elimination of necessity for external pallets.

MT_New Brochure_Content (anti levitation net)


Antilevitation Main Net

Anti-Levitation MN-400 Main Net is a lightweight plastic perforated sheet accessory that keeps pickled products always under preservation liquid (brine). It is used for products like olives, peppers, cucumbers etc. When the MN-400 Main Lid is closed, special designed nerves, pressing the Net inside the body. Together with the RN-400 Round Net ensure high quality of the stored products.

Multitank Round Net (Black)


Round Net

RN-400 Round Net works in combination with the MN-400 Main Net and it is placed on top of it covering the square hole. It is located under the Round Lid in order to have easy access and better quality control of the product stored inside.

Air Valve 1


Air Valve

RN-400 Air Valve s an one way press release valve. secures a stable environment inside Multitank. When fermentation gas created, it open in 0,03 psi internal pressure and release the internal air. Pickled products or air sensitive liquid, often create gas during storage or transportation.

Valve cap


Valve Cap

The VC- 400 Valve Cap close the 2” bottom hole of the Body liquid-tight. If the 2’ undrain hole is open or filter modified, the VC-400 with the integrated valve gasket, ensures liquid tight performance. Using the valve Cap Tool will help open and close it easy and safe.

Multitank Valve Accessory


Valves & Adaptors

Connect and plug in pipes, valves and adaptors to the 2’’ up drain bottom hole. 2’ BSP thread is compatible with standard plug in equipment.

bottom hole


4” Bottom Hole

A special modification in the center of the body, make easier and faster emptying with the same liquid and airtight performance. The 4’’ Screw cap, opens with a typical wrench. The 4’’ hole allows fast emptying of small products like olives, capers, cherries etc. or any kind of liquid.



Double Wall

The Double Wal is a box in a box system which provides high insulation and protection of all cold supply chain sensitive products. The thermal conductivity performance is 50% better than the EPS boxes. The Double Wall can be used to fish, meat or frozen product. It is easy to assembly and disassembly., The Doubles Walls can be stored in the last empty Multitank when nested.

Cool Cover 9


Multi Cool Cover

Multi Cover works like a isolation  blanket that covers the Multitank and secures a stable temperature for any product needs. It is easy to assembly and disassembly and keeps constant temperature 24 hours. Can be used in fresh products like fish, meat or vegetable and fruits.


IOT Ready Tags

Logo imultitag

Tags that transmit data, temperature, humidity and location in real time


Separator Net


Separator Net

The separator Net divides Multitank in three horizontal compartments. By opening the bottom hole and the RL-400 Round Lid the air flows inside the Multitank. It works for drying process for products like cannabis, tea, sun dried tomatoes and other herbs.



Second Base Separator Net

Used in a wide variety of products for collecting useless liquids


SF-400 / FT-400


A special filter increase flirtation performance, in applications like capers, small peppers, and cucumbers or very small olives.

traversa front view



Metallic runner which works in conveyors and for 360 degrees turning performance

Asset 1



PET liner adapted inside Multitank, secures zero migration and maximizes the available capacity

Accessory under development

Wheel with brake 113 transparent



Various models of wheels can be attached easily at the feet of Multitank so that can be moved safely and effortless.

Bag singe use SB 415-80


Single Use Bag

Allows Multitank to remain clean and not get direct contact with the products. It produced in different thickness and size according each different requirement.

Multitank + Aseptic 2 x fitments Goglio


Aseptic Bag

Different types of Aseptic bags with various top and bottoms fitments works in different application like dairy, fruit pulps, juices, vegetable pure etc.



Vacuum Bag

A bag liner with a special vacuum valve, allows vacuum performance. Using a typical seal equipment. Visit our how too video for more information

Aseptic Bag Separator


Aseptic Bag Separator

Multitank can to store two different products at the same time with the use of two smaller bags.



Safety & Traceability

Strap seals can be used in order to secure the Lids on the Main Body but also to make Multitank more recognizable. There are different safety seal points secure the Multitank for violate actions.