Sustainability is increasingly becoming a necessity for corporations due to changing perspectives around the world. It is becoming even more critical for companies to address the gap between knowing and doing, by embracing sustainable business practices.

Replacing single use packaging with Multitank, is a sustainable strategy that allows companies to make long-term investments. Sustainability approach leads companies to add brand value, meet consumer demands, increase efficiency, attract valuable talent and create new opportunities. Furthermore, the new regulation for the Environmental Targets and the environmental taxes, that would be implemented for the CO2  emissions, are a financial burden that companies will have to face.

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Multitank is an efficient returnable and reusable bulk container that eliminates packaging and transportation cost, focusing on sustainability.

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Our strategy includes the reduction or elimination of packaging components, along with product long shelf life and long life cycle (read here)

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Multitank reduces multiple costs:
Packaging Cost: 10%-30%
Storage space: 75%
Transportation Cost: 5%-15%
Handling & labor time: 50%-75%

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Multitank achieves less transportation needs, reduced cost in fuel, limited water waste during inhouse processes and less plastic use in total.

Multitank offers a reduction emission certificate 07 1

Our mission

Our mission is to introduce Multitank, a sustainable bulk packaging material, that acts as a counterweight for industry’s continuous increase of CO2 emissions.

It is a fact that companies will have to face the financial consequences of the new regulation for the Environmental Targets and the environmental taxes that will be implemented for the CO2 emissions.

Use of Multitank acts as a seesaw between constant increase of CO2 emissions and single use packaging. Therefore, it acts as an equilibrium between companies’ net income target and sustainability orientation.

Carbon Emisions Calculator

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Multitank counterpoises CO2 emissions despite continuous increase of single use packaging.
Multitank act as a counterbance
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Our contribution

Circular economy and sustainability goals set an obstacle to enterprises’ high profitable economic targets (increase in sales and profits and reduction of total costs).

Multitank’s contribution is to improve our customers’ net income through our innovative and sustainable bulk packaging. We do so via three value levers: Improving our customers‘ bulk packaging operations, importing sustainable and reusable packaging into their supply chain and decreasing transportation and storage costs.

Multitank efficiently replaces the current packaging materials, such as plastic or tin drums, IBCs tanks, and carton boxes accompanied with liner bags.

Multitank is the first bulk packaging material of this size that offers a reusable alternative for safe B2B transportations, and in the same time the decrease of packaging and transportation cost
and the reduction of CO2 emissions.


Let’s take action

When it comes to sustainability, a do-nothing approach can mean a bigger loss in the future.
Replacing single use bulk packaging material with the sustainable and reusable Multitank, you take a step towards the direction of global sustainability without compromising in income.

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