Explore the vast expanse of applications served by Multitank, sustainable bulk packaging solution. Crafted with precision and versatility, the Multitank seamlessly integrates into a multitude of industries, addressing their unique storage needs. From the tangy zest of pickles, the freshness of meat, the purity of dairy, to the delicate preservation of cannabis, our container redefines bulk packaging standards. Dive into a world where innovation meets industry demands, ensuring optimal quality, efficiency, and sustainability across diverse sectors. Discover how Multitank revolutionizes the way industries package, store, and deliver.

Sustainable bulk packaging

Applications General Brochure

Multitank is the sustainable packaging ideal for storing and transporting food products in bulk.


Application Olives

Multitank is the new container for storing and transporting food products in bulk, especially designed for products like olives.


Application Peppers

Multitank can be useful in peppers too. It has already been successfully used by many companies with peppers all over the world.


Application Gherkins

Multitank is perfect for gherkins as well. Is liquid tight and air tight specialized for food products like pickles.


Application Mushrooms

After olives, peppers and gherkins, Multitank is the new packaging material in mushroom industry.
Protecting one of the most expensive vegetable combining sustainability and economic packaging.


Application Cannabis

Multitank is a sustainable, bulk packaging container ideal for handling dried food such as curing medical cannabis.

glass of orange soda with ice on white background

Application Aseptics

Multitank can be an ideal sustainable container for carrying any kind of liquid in a bag such as dairy, juice, medicinals etc.  Multitank remains safe and liquid-tight in any circumstances.

UN certified bulk packaging container

Application Hazardous Products

Multitank is UN certified (UN 11H2/Z 400/5/20CZ/MT2020) to transport lithium-ion batteries, airbags, belt tensioners and other Hazardous Products of Packaging Group III.

Application Tomato Paste

Application Tomato Paste

Multitank is a sustainable bulk packaging container ideal for packing, storing and transporting tomato products such as tomato paste, tomato sauce etc.


Application Wine

Multitank is a sustainable bulk packaging container ideal all stages of winemaking, from harvest to storing and transporting wine.


Application Meat

Multitank is the only RPP (Reusable Plastic Packaging) container with airtight lid. It is ideal for storing and carrying meat, especialy for intralogistics, between factories and process facilities.


Application Military Model

Multitank is the safest and the most robust plastic container, for packaging, storing and transporting of any product, in absolutely inert conditions.