Multitank  Limited has designed, developed and manufactured Multitank™ an innovative reusable storage and transport container.

Starting in 2009, our company have fulfilled an extensive research program, cooperating with companies in different sectors all over the world, in order to develop a new sustainable, safe and cost efficient solution for carrying products in bulk.

Implementing innovative technologies in mold design and integrating modern features into Multitank™, we succeeded in producing a unique and absolutely safe RPP IBC container, creating a new point of reference in the packaging industry.

Our company’s headquarters are in London and the production facilities are located in Italy and Greece.

Through an extensive distributors’ and agents’ network, we sell Multitank™ worldwide in different kinds of industries and applications.

Multitank Tech has developed and produces all the necessary accessories handling equipment, providing full technical support to the companies using Multitank.

We offer Lease & Logistic services to our customers, organising the transportation and return of empty Multitanks.

Multitank Ltd is held by a group of international investors who believe that sustainable growth is achieved with innovative ideas and staying true to one’s values.

Our mission

Our company’s mission is to solve our customers’ day-to-day problems in packaging and logistics operations – to reduce CO2 emissions, eliminate packaging cost and waste, optimize warehousing, use the maximum capacity in all modes of transportation, improve efficiency, and make life easier for those who use our Multitank.



Multitank company is awarded as UK’s best Sustainable Product for 2017!
“The Multitank packaging solution has been well thought through and its contribution to the system it operates in, minimizes the carbon footprint and packaging cost. The solution can be used for a wide range of products and it addresses a real issue about how to deliver products in a more resource-efficient way.”