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Ready to Pack

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Ready to Pack technology secures that products arrive at the plant safe in air & liquid tight Multitanks. They are ready for retail packing without the need of extra processing. This factor generates incredible time savings and labour hours and also leads to a sustainable transformation. 

The Multitank Advantage in Ready-to-Pack: Pioneering a Sustainable Food Supply Chain

Efficiency, sustainability, and quality are the cornerstones of modern food supply chains, and Ready-to-Pack is at the forefront of this transformation. 

The project’s cornerstone, the innovative Multitank sustainable bulk packaging, is redefining the way bulk vegetables are processed, stored, and transported, offering an unparalleled solution to our clients.


Ready to Pack

Understanding the Ready to Pack Technology

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Durability & Efficiency


Multitank: A Synonym for Durability and Efficiency

At the heart of Ready-to-Pack lies the Multitank, reusable Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) designed for the optimal preservation and transportation of vegetables in bulk. Multitank is engineered to be safe, secure, air-tight, water-tight, and hermetically sealed, ensuring that the vegetables maintain their freshness from the farm to the manufacturing facility. 


Trials leading to Perfection

Strategic Trials Leading to Perfection

Our rigorous trials with the Multitank across various logistical scenarios—be it at the farm, in transit, or at facilities — have demonstrated exceptional results. The Multitank not only meets but exceeds industry standards for storage and transportation, showcasing superior ease of quality control and handling efficiencies.


Stramlining Operations

Streamlining Operations with Multitank

The Ready-to-Pack process, supported by Multitank sustainable bulk packaging, has revolutionized the handling of bulk vegetables. It has significantly reduced the time from harvest to packing, with the ability to transfer products from the fields into our tanks in just a few hours. This rapid process minimizes the risk of spoilage and ensures that vegetables are packed at their peak, maximizing quality and nutritional value.


Sustainability and the Multitank

The environmental benefits of the Multitank are evident. Its design contributes to a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions. Its durability is proven by a minimum 10-year service life, contributing to a lower carbon footprint and aligning with our commitment to sustainable practices.


Ready to Pack

No need for extra processing

before retail packing

Made simple

with Multitank

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Transforming the Industry with Ready-to-Pack

Ready-to-Pack is more than just a logistics solution; it’s a catalyst for industry-wide change. With the integration of the Multitank, we are setting new standards for how bulk vegetables should be processed and delivered. We invite our partners and clients to experience the tangible benefits of this innovative approach, as we collectively work towards a more sustainable and efficient future in food production.