Introducing Separator Net Duo Bag

Introducing Separator Net Duo Bag​

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Introducing the Revolutionary Separator Net Duo Bag

Separator Net Duo Bag New Accessory of Multitank

Multitank is introducing the revolutionary Separator Net Duo Bag. In the competitive landscape of industrial bulk packaging, Multitank consistently pioneers solutions that prioritize operational efficiency and sustainability. We are excited to announce the latest addition to our product line – the Separator Net Duo Bag (SN-DB-400) – a strategic accessory developed to maximize the utility of the Multitank, our  sustainable bulk packaging container.

Separator Net Duo Bag

Understanding the Separator Net Duo Bag

This innovative accessory is designed to redefine storage and transportation efficiency by dividing a single Multitank into two separate compartments. The Separator Net Duo Bag enables the simultaneous use of two individual bags within one container, optimizing space and offering a unique solution for segregated storage and transport needs. Notably, the bags suitable for this system are the standard ones used for 220L plastic drums, allowing for seamless integration into existing operations.

Key Benefits of Separator Net Duo Bag

Enhanced Storage Utilization and Versatility: The Separator Net Duo Bag facilitates optimal use of the Multitank by accommodating two distinct products or product grades in one unit, effectively streamlining storage and transportation processes. This functionality is crucial for enterprises with diverse product lines or those requiring segregated transport and storage solutions, providing unparalleled versatility without the need for additional containers.

Seamless Compatibility and Cost Management: Compatibility with 220L plastic drum bags negates the requirement for specialized packaging materials, allowing businesses to leverage existing inventory. This feature not only ensures a smooth transition but also aids in inventory cost control, aligning with efficiency and sustainable resource utilization strategies.

Integrated Pallet Foot Design – Logistical Efficiency: Multitank’s distinctive integrated pallet feet, combined with the Separator Net Duo Bag, eliminate the necessity for external pallets. This integration results in substantial savings related to pallet procurement and storage, optimizes freight space, and reduces logistical complexities. Furthermore, it diminishes the need for extensive handling equipment and mitigating workplace safety risks.

Sustainability Commitment

The introduction of the Separator Net Duo Bag is one more evidence to Multitank’s commitment to sustainability. By maximizing the utility of each Multitank and reducing the need for additional containers and pallets, we’re significantly decreasing the carbon footprint associated with extra production and transportation. This initiative strongly resonates with corporations dedicated to enhancing their sustainability practices.

Separator Net Duo bag


2 bags in one container

Duo exploitaton of Multitank

Pallet Free

Sustainable solution that saves packaging materials

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The integration of the Separator Net Duo Bag into your supply chain signifies a strategic move towards operational efficiency and sustainability. Multitank is dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions that cater to the highest demands of contemporary businesses, merging operational demands with environmental responsibility.

Join us in redefining the future of industrial bulk packaging – where superior efficiency converges with environmental mindfulness.