Germany takes action: The bold move to Tax Single Use Packaging

Germany takes action: The bold move to Tax Single Use Packaging

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London, United Kingdom, October 6, 2023.

Germany takes action: The bold move to Tax Single Use Plastics

Single-Use Plastics are the Silent Saboteurs of Global Sustainability. Germany takes the bold action by implementing a Single-Use Plastics levy (EWKFondG) for single-use plastics released on the market from 2024, with first payments expected to be due in 2025 (based on the European Union (EU) Single-Use Plastics Directive regulations).

Germany has long been a pioneer in waste management and recycling systems. The country has introduced various mechanisms, such as the “Grüner Punkt” (Green Dot) system, which was one of the first extended producer responsibility systems. Manufacturers and retailers were required to pay for the collection and recycling of their packaging material. This initiative played a significant role in increasing the collection and recycling of packaging waste in Germany. Now moves one step forward with EWKFondG.

Germany takes action: The bold move to Tax Single Use Packaging

Charges Range

  • €0.06 per kilogram of wet wipes
  • €24.50 per kilogram of non desposit beverage cup
  • €8,945 per kilogram of filters for cigarettes and other tocacco products

The legislative scope intends to cover all goods mentioned in Appendix E of the EU Directive

  • Food containers intended for immediate consumption
  • Packets and wrappers made from flexible material containing food that is intended for immediate consumption
  • Beverage containers with a capacity of up to three liters
  • Cups for beverages, including covers and lids
  • Lightweight plastic carrier bags
  • Wet wipes, i.e., pre-wetted personal care and domestic wipes
  • Balloons, except balloons for industrial or other professional uses and applications that are not distributed to consumers
  • Tobacco products with filters and filters marketed for use in combination with tobacco products

How Multitank helps you save costs

The initiative seeks to minimize waste, encourage more efficient utilization of plastics and aligns with goals of a circular economy. Consequently, manufacturers of signle use plastic products will be responsible for waste management, recycling, as also public awareness and education.

But how does Multitank contribute to Cost Savings?


Multitank act as a counterbance

Use of Multitank acts as a seesaw against constant increase of CO2 emissions (and consequently taxation) of single use retail packaging. As single use plastics have a long way before they disappear from consumer’s and industry’s playground, a strong ally towards sustainable target is replacement of single use bulk packaging.

 Multitank, as reusable packaging,  saves a remarkable amount of carbon emissions that would be released by single use packaging. Its reusable performance and long service life take a  big step towards sustainability in our increasingly environmentally-conscious world. Unlike single-use plastics, which are often discarded after a singular transaction and contribute significantly to landfills and environmental pollution, Multitank is designed for longevity and multiple uses. This shift towards reusability not only reduces the volume of waste produced but also decreases the consumption of resources and energy required for the constant production of disposable items. Furthermore, saves a valuable amount of money for businesses as it lowers total carbon emissions. Over time, adopting reusable packaging can lead to substantial economic savings for both businesses and consumers, empowering a culture of responsibility and sustainability that benefits both the environment and society.

About German Single Use Plastic Tax

The EWKFondsG brings Germany into alignment with other European countries such as the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy.

Within the legislation the definition for a ‘single-use plastic product’ is “a product made entirely or partly of plastic that is not designed, developed and placed on the market to undergo several product cycles during its lifetime by being returned to a manufacturer or distributor for refilling or reused for the same purpose for which it was manufactured”.

Although the first annual report will not be due until 2025, impacted companies must begin to review their internal processes for recording and reporting the required data to the UBA. Failure to do so could render the company subject to penalties of up to €100,000 so it is critical that businesses take this seriously.

Is your company under EWKFondG?

  1. Are you a manufacturer, filler or importer of plastic packaging in Germany? If so, you are under EWKFondG and you are obliged to identify and report annually all single-use plastic products made available or sold in the German market.
  2. Companies not establised in Germany, with business activity in the country, are also obliged to annual reporting from an authorised representative.

Make a sustainable Choice

When you make the conscious decision to choose Multitank’s reusable bulk packaging, the benefits extend beyond the immediate financial savings. Not only will your company be safeguarded from the financial implications associated with EWKFondG taxes, but there’s an even deeper, environmentally-centered advantage to consider.

Transitioning to reusable Multitank resultis in reduction of carbon emissions. This choice not only positions your company as a responsible and forward-thinking entity but also actively participates in global efforts to combat climate change, underscoring a commitment to both responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Let’s calculate your savings

Why paying when you can save remarkable amount of money and shift your business to a more sustainable way? Contact us in order to calculate the exact amount of saving your company will achieve with Multitank.

Germany takes action: The bold move to tax single use packaging

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