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save EPR costs

How to save EPR costs

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London, United Kingdom, September 8, 2023.

What is Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

Extended Producer Responsibility is a policy framework designed to shift the burden of waste management and disposal from taxpayers and local authorities to the producers of goods and packaging. It encourages manufacturers and importers to take responsibility for the entire lifecycle of their products, from production to disposal. This practically means that there will be new costs for businesses.

How Multitank helps you save EPR costs

Multitank, as reusable packaging, does not enter the waste stream, therefore it can save a remarkable amount of costs placed by EPR regulations.
The breakout of reuse requirement is a step in the right direction. Businesses will have to review the packaging they are using and move towards circular models that eliminate waste production.

EPR Regulation for UK 03
Costs implemented by EPR regulations
EPR Regulation for UK 02

Recycling and disposal costs will be placed on businesses, according to their packaging production or turnover.

Is you company under EPR?
EPR Regulation for UK 04

In order to determine which producer category your business sits in, you have to take a look at two parameters: Turnover and packaging waste (tonnes).

If your business has a turnover less than £1m or you supply less than 25 tonnes of obligated packaging then you do not need to register, but should monitor your packaging and check this annually.

If your  business has a turnover more than £1m but less than £2m or you supply more than 25 tonnes and less than 50 tonnes of packaging, then your business must assess the packaging supplied and has a reporting only obligation once a year .

If your business has a turnover more than £2m or you supply more than 50 tonnes then you must assess the packaging supplied and have a full obligation. You must report data twice a year and pay fees towards packaging recycling (PRNs) and you will also have to pay Disposal and recycling fees.


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Let’s calculate your savings

Why paying when you can save remarkable amount of money and shift your business to a more sustainable way? Contact us in order to calculate the exact amount of saving your company will achieve with Multitank.