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5 reasons to choose Multitank

Read 5 reasons to choose Multitank

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London, United Kingdom, May 3, 2023.

Multitank, the sustainable bulk packaging container has some economical benefits, compared to other single use or returnable containers such as drums or IBCs. It is designed to optimize the storage, transportation, and handling of products, which can improve efficiency and reduce costs. For example, Multitank is designed to stack and nest, reducing the amount of space required for storage and transportation.

Read below the top 5 reasons to choose Multitank

1st Reason to Choose Multitank

Multitank’s clever design allows for the empty-nesting capability, saving 75% storage space compared to drums.

2nd reason to choose Multitank

With an integrated pallet at the bottom and pallet feet holders on the Main Lid, Multitank is stabilized when stacked, without the need for extra materials.

3rd reason to choose Multitank

Multitank’s stacking performance leads to maximum exploitation of Weight Limit, while its nesting performance allows a 6 to 1 return ratio that leads to elimination of commercial packaging costs.

4rth reason to choose Multitank

As a sustainable bulk packaging material, Multitank is designed to minimize the environmental impact of packaging by using materials that are renewable and recyclable, minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and keeps several wastes such as water, energy and product loss in low levels.

5th reason to choose Multitank

In a circular economy, products are designed to be durable, repairable, and reusable. Multitank, at the end of its service life, is recycled, with the materials being used to create new products. This creates a more sustainable and efficient system, where resources are used in a way that reduces waste and promotes long-term sustainability.