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Multitank Expo Pack Mexico Orbis Team

Multitank at Expo Pack Mexico 2022

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Orbis team are experts in organizing a great show and Multitank is included in their product catalog as the ideal reusable packaging for storing and transporting bulk products.

Multitank at Expo Pack Mexico 2022

We are grateful to Orbis team for delivering one more time a truly amazing show. Focusing on supply chain challenges the future brings, we had the chance to meet and discuss with many companies in order to better understand each industry’s needs.

Shipping trends and sustainability goals come to restructure the way our current supply chain operates, demanding an efficient strategy planning which will ensure both stabilization of profit margin and commitment to sustainability goals.

Sustainability Goals are a mandatory part of the transportation strategic planning and reusable packaging is coming to play a key role in supply chain operations. With more and more regulations in Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) we need to reconsider the way products are carried all around the globe.

We, at Multitank, believe in ethical packaging solutions which are environmental friendly causing the lowest production of waste decreasing environmental emissions. Reusable packaging Multitank offers a Reduction Emissions Certificate in international markets that have committed to reduce their carbon footprint.

Multitank at Pack Exo Mexico 2022
Multitank at Pack Exo Mexico 2022
Multitank at Expo Pack Mexico 2022
Multitank at Pack Exo Mexico 2022

Multitank is constantly improving the supply chain operations in order to satisfy the needs of a circular economy, reduce CO2 emissions, and leave a positive environmental footprint.

Do you have any sustainability goals in your supply chain management? Whether you follow a sustainable strategy or not, we are here to help you in optimizing your current one or developing one according to your company’s needs.

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