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Anti-Levitation Main Net upgraded version

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Anti-Levitation Main Net (MN-400) is a lightweight plastic perforated sheet that covers the top surface of the Multitank’s Body, keeping the stored products always under liquid.

How it works

The installation of the Main Net is simple. After filling the product, you place it on the top rim of the Body.
The Main Lid and the long designed under ribs force the Main Net into the liquid.

The Main Net (MN-400) in combination with the Round Net (RN-400) covers the total surface of the Body.

The 300 mm side hole gives the ability to get samples and make quality control.
Through the perforated holes, brine overflows the surface.

Anti-Levitation Main Net makes sure products are always kept safe under liquid.

500 x 500 6

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The Main Net (MN-400) is a useful accessory for all pickled products like olives, peppers, cucumbers, mushrooms, capers and artichokes or fruits preserved in syrup like cherries, apricots and peaches.

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Eyes on Details

The new design of the Main Net (MN-400) provides:

-More flexibility and elasticity
-50% less weight
-Better designed perforated holes
-Smooth edges
-Food Contact
-Easy to Clean

Eyes on Details