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Multitech brings MultiDumper v2.0

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Multi Dumper v 2.0

Multitech provides the necessary machinery equipment for easy and safe handling of different bulk packaging material.

MultiDumper v 2.0 is a stainless steel equipment made up to empty Multitanks, drums and plastic boxes (bins). MultiDumper, complied with the highest safety regulations, includes a touch controller for easy operations.

MultiDumper v2.0
MultiDumper v2.0

Why choose MultiDumper v 2.0

  • Side doors with sensors.
    Implementing sensor technology on the side doors of MutiDumper prevent worker to access the lifting area improving labour safety.
  • Hydraulic accumulators.
    Hydraulic accumulators increase efficiency and provide smoother, more reliable operation of MultiDumper v 2.0.
  • Electrical panel with a touch screen.
    Electrical panel, with a touch screen embedded, allows the monitoring of every operations. MultiDumper v 2.0 provides the ability of two fuctions, an automatic or manually. Touch screen holds IP65, waterproof protection.

Technical Specifications:

MN 400 1 2

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