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Dry your product while being stored with Separator Net

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At Multitank Ltd, we deliver customized solutions to industries in order to pack, store and carry their product in a sustainable way. Research and innovation keep us one step ahead of the competition and oprimizes your supply chain operations.

The Separator Nets, which are installed within the packaging allow you to dry your items while they are being stored, are the most recent addition to Multitank’s capabilities. Our new innovation is applicable for drying food, like fruits and vagetables. Below some of the industries can benefit from Multitank:

  • Dried Fruits
  • Dried Vegetables
  • Dried Meat
  • Herds
  • Cannabis

Separator Nets make Multitank the ideal bulk and reusable packaging for the drying process of your goods. The latter are mindfully designed to allow your product to reach the right temperature and the relative humidity during the drying process.

NS top view
Separator Net top view.
ST x3
Separator Nets stacked one upon the other.

The installation of the Separator Nets is easy. Place your product on each separator net and close the airtight Multitank to ensure a sealed environment. Three Separator Nets are placed inside to assure you an a well-organized storage place CoinJoin. Each of the three Separator Nets is designed and produced with holes on its surface, with a 20cm space between them necessary for air to flow through.

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The Separator Nets are plastic perforated sheets, which divide the Multitank into three sections, allowing air to flow and circulate, when the round lid or the vent cap and the bottom valve are open. Watch the video below for the cannabis application.

Multitank provides:

  • cool and dark place
  • airy-environment option
  • stable temperature
  • sence of organizing
  • perfect traceability
  • mechanical handling
  • storage space saving



Through self-energized iMultitags, Internet of Things assures a high level of traceability. Please follow the link here for more information.

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Multitank is constantly improving the supply chain operations in order to satisfy the needs of a circular economy, reduce CO2 emissions, and leave a positive environmental footprint.

Do you have any sustainability goals in your supply chain management? Whether you follow a sustainable strategy or not, we are here to help you in optimizing your current one or developing one according to your company’s needs.

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