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Multitank in South Africa.

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London, United Kingdom, January 03, 2022.

Multitank arrives in South Africa.

Mpact Plastic Containers, a subsidiary of Mpact a JSE listed company, includes Multitank in their product line of sustainable packaging solutions.

We are delighted Mpact Limited, the largest plastic packaging producer in Southern Africa, has chosen Multitank, a highly innovative sustainable IBC, for their product range. Multitank Ltd and Mpact Ltd share the same vision for sustainability and ethical standards when it comes to providing customers with smart and innovative packaging solutions.

Mpact Plastic Containers is a leading packaging company in South Africa with four manufacturing facilities, uniquely focused on innovative reusable packaging. The Mpact Group is involved in the production and recycling of paper and plastic packaging products, operating from 39 sites, employing 5,100 people in South Africa, Mozambique and Namibia.

Multitank is distributed in 23 countries and is used in a variety of industries and products around the globe.

Fillis Douralis, Sales & Managing Director of Multitank, pointed: “The outcome of the collaboration between Multitank Ltd and Mpact is mandatory not only for our presence in Africa,  but also for the industry’s global environmental impacts”.

About Multitank

Multitank is an innovator in reusable bulk packaging with supply chain solutions across a wide range of products, like olives, peppers, pickles, dairy products and so on. Our system provides an intelligent, safe and efficient way to transport products while maintaining the quality of them, reducing labor cost and assisting to achieve sustainability goals. Multitank last year acquired UN Certification Packaging Group III, broadening product portfolio and R&D capabilities.

Multitank Limited

Tel: +44 2032 866 477

About Mpact

Mpact, the largest paper and plastics packaging and recycling company in Southern Africa, has 39 operating sites in South Africa, Namibia, and Mozambique. Its leading market positions and proximity to customers contribute to faster response times, lower transport costs, and the creation of economies of scale.


Tel :+27 (0)11 994 5500