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Multitank sets a mark in Russia

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London, United Kingdom, October 07, 2021.
Multitank sets a mark in Russia.

Multitank, an innovator in reusable bulk packaging and logistics solutions, announced today the collaboration with Tex Polimer, an internationally acknowledged Group in production of Injection Molding products.
The collaboration with Tex Polimer Eco acquired Multitank to set a representation and production line in Russia. With TexPolimerEco, we walk side by side to establish the Multitank as a sustainable industry standard.

Tex Polimer is known worldwide for investments of great importance in Injection Molding.
The company’s factories cover an area of 310,000 m² located in different parts of Russia allowing the delivery of materials with the most favourable terms for partners. Texpolimer Group represents the modern business philosophy which is linked with a sustainable business future. Sharing the same principles of environment protection, we aim to establish Multitank as a sustainable industry standard.

“This collaboration with Tex Polimer Eco is of significant importance, it allows us to expand our distribution network”, Fillis Douralis said, Sales & Managing Director of Multitank.

About Multitank

Multitank is an innovator in reusable bulk packaging with supply chain solutions across a wide range of products, like olives, peppers, pickles, dairy products and so on. Our system provides an intelligent, safe and efficient way to transport products while maintaining the quality of them, reducing labor cost and assisting to achieve sustainability goals. Multitank last year acquired UN Certification Packaging Group III, broadening product portfolio and R&D capabilities.

Multitank Limited
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About Tex Polimer Eco

Tex Polimer Eco is part of the TekhPolymer Group of Companies, the largest Russian manufacturer of geosynthetic materials.
Tex Polimer
+7 (495) 663-15-25